Owning a Mr. Sandless franchise is not a difficult decision to make. Will you be successful? Will it all pay off in the end? Of course like all systems, our answer is yes! But you don’t have to take our word for it. Listen to what some of our owners have to say about the great business franchise opportunities that come with owning a Mr. Sandless business.

I was able to quit my full-time job about 2 years ago and join my husband in running our Mr. Sandless franchise. I love the work I do! I get to travel all over northern New Mexico and meet so many new people. I don’t miss my desk job one bit! I knew nothing about floor refinishing when I first started, but Dan and his team are a GREAT support. Dan goes above and beyond to help his owners. He even recently answered a question I had even though he was in Europe and it was 3:00AM there…wow! I have worked for other corporations where I rarely saw the CEO much less got the opportunity to communicate with them at will. Dan is a true mentor. By no means has running our own business been simple. It’s work! But we are constantly improving and the support we have received along the way is priceless!

Lisa and Patrick, Mr. Sandless Santa Fe

We have owned and operated Mr. Sandless for many years now. We are extremely pleased with the support system at all levels. I still get blown away at the end of a job when the last coat of finish is applied. The outcome on every job is truly incredible!! I could never imagine going back to a 9 to 5 job working for someone else and stuck in an office all day. I am out and about visiting potential customers on a daily basis. I get to meet new people and every house I go to is different so it never gets boring!!
                This is a great business opportunity for anyone including women. As a female owner along with my husband I pretty much run the business. We have been fortunate to have the opportunity and well worth the investment.

Donna, Mr. Sandless Metro Atlanta

At first I was not sure of what I had gotten into but as time as gone on and my business has grown it is the best decision I have ever made. Working with Mr. Sandless has been a great experience and very rewarding financially. Being your own boss and controlling your own destiny is wonderful. Having Rich, Dan and Jess on your team is also a great benefit for any advice or concerns you have. I would definitely recommend it as a great way to become financially independent.

Jim, Mr. Sandless Pittsburgh/Youngstown

Mr. Sandless gave me an opportunity to be my own boss, gain valuable experience in running my own business and endless amounts of contacts. In 8 years, my quality of life has drastically improved as my business grew. Mr. Sandless is designed to run itself, but it takes dedication and hard work. If you possess those traits along with a salesmanship personality and follow the script success is just around the corner.

Luke, Mr. Sandless Northeast PA

One of the more rewarding aspects of owning my Mr. Sandless franchise is that I get to see the reaction of the people that have the process done to their floors. They leave their home in the morning with a beat up worn floor and return later in the day to see the same floor refinished with plenty of life left in her.

Pat, Mr. Sandless Ft. Lauderdale

When I started, I knew nothing at all about wood floor refinishing. Within a year, I was a floor master. The last sander in town called me to tell me he quit—that he couldn’t compete with me—and asked me if I wanted to buy his equipment. This is a great company to belong to!

Neil, Mr. Sandless®Sarasota

I was a franchisee of another company for 12 years and can tell you that the difference between them and Mr. Sandless is light years! With that company, if I had any questions, they would just tell me to go to the manual. With Mr. Sandless support, you get immediate attention. The Mr. Sandless systems that they provide their owners is excellent, from their database, email, helpdesk and tech support—all top notch!

Rick, Mr. Sandless SW Ohio

Having the inventor and founder of Mr Sandless as the CEO means not only is the support there he is also deeply passionate about his invention the company is always going forward. We have found Mr Sandless to be unique in not only its service but also with its support and strong values. We have found in our experience that the service and product sell itself there is no shortage of work.
We were so impressed with the service and product we brought a franchise. Why with Mr. Sandless being green certified, has excellent margins, fixed monthly royalty, no competition, 24x 7 support, it’s was a no brainer to us.

Barry and Lianne, Mr. Sandless New Zealand

At first glance starting our franchise was going to be a long slow process that we had to build into a full time job and then progress from there into just managing the business. It was anything but that. We were booking jobs right out of the gate! In less than 5 months we had to pull the plug on our other careers and take Mr. Sandless on full time. Barely 2 years in and we are continuing to grow at a rapid pace with no end in sight. This is a great franchised system for anyone that’s willing to put in the effort it takes to run your own business.

David & Kim, Mr. Sandless Kentucky West

Since early 2008 we’ve serviced thousands of customers with Mr. Sandless which is a truly unique and proven system. I’m a proud owner and can say that Dan and his team always provide outstanding products and support. There is no doubt that Mr. Sandless offers great value and service to the end customer and offers great potential to its owners.

Bob, Mr. Sandless Atlanta North

Trust is probably the biggest factor when you are considering going into business with a complete stranger or a completely unknown to yourself organization. I immediately felt I could trust Dan and the MS Organization. They want every franchise to be as successful as possible. It is a model that makes the entire organization stronger. You can trust that Dan and the Mr. Sandless organization has everyone’s best interests in mind.
                Buying a Mr. Sandless Franchise was a great business opportunity and decision. I started with just one unit to test it out. After my first month I immediately saw the value and potential so I purchased 5 more units. I purchased a relevant business that I could turn key in about 3-4 weeks. I recouped my initial investment after one month of jobs.

Chris, Mr. Sandless Long Island

On a daily basis I’m asked “so how do like your business?” and my answer is always the same “it’s the best decision I ever made in my life”. Owning a Mr. Sandless franchise has been nothing short of the most rewarding experience I’ve ever had. I’ll never forget Dan’s words to me that closed the deal; after about 3 months of going over all the documents and doing all of my due diligence, Dan said “the longer you keep trying to find something wrong with this business, the longer you’ll keep losing money” I signed up the next day and my first month in business I made half my investment back. Thanks Dan for the opportunity to be a part of the Mr. Sandless family.

Frank, Mr. Sandless Central Mass

In our first year we broke a benchmark we had set and we are on track to double that in our second year. Our profit (after all expenses) will be way more than any business I can imagine. We are getting a lot of referral business and more commercial work all the time. The support from corporate has been excellent and that is a big part of our success. I highly recommend the Mr. Sandless opportunity to anyone.

Bruce, Mr. Sandless South Saskatchewan

In our search for a business we were fortunate enough to run across Mr. Sandless. During our due diligence phase looking at other companies and Mr. Sandless we found that the passion, energy and commitment that the CEO Dan Praz brought to the table was what captured our interest in the Mr. Sandless opportunity. The proprietary system, technical support, continued research in product and development and dedication to grow the Mr. Sandless brand nationally and internationally was extremely important to us. Especially as we were looking at this business not only as a short term income vehicle, but also as a business we could grow and eventually sell as part of our retirement plan. The transformation of the floors and the process was very therapeutic for me, a reprieve from the office grind I was familiar with. However after gaining the knowledge of the business and doing the work for some time I removed myself from the field to spend more time in promoting and growing our Mr. Sandless business. We got in this business to assist people with saving money, time and the mess and are rewarded when we hear our customers express how happy they are with the process and the transformation of their floors and cabinets.

David and Teresa, Mr. Sandless Grand Junction, CO

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